Ice Tea and Ice Toes.

Hey Beautiful,

So its super freezing today. I know I live in Michigan.. I should be used to it by know but the weathers mood swings lately are upsetting.. so I have been working in my little studio apartment lately, painting and watching christmas and disney movies, actually doing marathons because of my super long painting sessions.. but its been hardcore raining usually at night and the wind has been really hard and it blows the tree thats right in front my my only window into that side of my apartment.. I feel like its going to come crashing through said window and kill me. of course thats a silly fear. But seriously I’m kinda scared its going to happen lol.

Anywho, I feel like a hermit I have been stuck in my apt just working, but its okay.. theres something comforting about just working.. trying to become the best version of yourself.. Im so determined to make something out of myself.. not only for myself, but for the kids I mentor..

I just finished two watercolor paintings today Im really proud of them.


Heres one.IMG_2144

Its for my watercolor for the illustrator class at kendall. I’m really proud of this piece.. I have been really inspired by quilts lately, and the sentimental value they hold. Quilting makes me think of my heritage, actually the quilt that I used for this piece was my parents first quilt when they got married. The dress I was wearing in that piece was my grandmothers and I happen to love love love that dress. I took inspiration from vincent van goghs starry night, his swirls, and how lovely they are… I love swirls especially in compositions.

6 16092920500-1 17403793731

I have come to realize there are just people and things you cannot change.. you cannot please everybody, and its ok.  Things happen for a reason, whether good or bad it doesnt make you a bad person, it means that you just werent entirely on the same wavelength with people or situations.

Anyways its two in the morning Im headed to bed night folks!

Have a great week, remember to choose your attitude.

Love and cupcakes,

Alexandra Elizabeth


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