Naked Pottery, and Attention Grabbing Fishies.

Hey beautiful,

Hope your day was awesome! Hope your enjoying the weather its beautiful outside!

So today was kinda hard, I guess it would be yesterday now cuz its 12:30 butt it would have been my grandpas 82nd birthday.. Its been four years now since he had passed away but its still hard, I was really close to him growing up.

He got us those cowboy hats for my brother and I.

My brother was really close to him.

So my mom, my brother, and I picked up my grandma and we went for lunch at The Brickyard in my hometown. I of course couldn’t eat but it was nice to just talk and listen. I love listening to my grandmother, shes so awesome. Afterwards I got to hang out with my mother, I have missed her so much being away to college.. she keeps me balanced I guess. I miss the simple life back at home.

We went to a little pottery place called naked plates and painted travel mugs. It was so nice to do something like that with her. But I never realized how hard it would be to like let loose and just do something without being meticulous and “stay within the lines”. To not make it perfect was hard. Mom was like I want you to just do it, not think about it just put color on there and paint.. I think I started sweating and almost hyperventilating at the thought of not making it perfect or whatever perfect is lol I am not perfect by any means.

I first drew out on my cup lines to paint within. Then the man in the shop grabbed my brush from me and was like here do this he grabbed a pottery wheel threw my cup on there and was like hey paint it all in this shade and go from there.

I did.

It was oddly liberating. I loved it.

So I made this cup out to be inspirational, so every time I look at it I can remind myself theres no need for me to be perfect I am just fine the way I am.

Then once we left there was this cool like fountian pond thing in the mall where people threw coins in and such and there was gold fish. I love gold fish. Anyways these fish were the most tame creatures I have ever saw. They were like dogs or something… they werent afraid of me and in fact they kept coming up for air right by where I was sitting on the edge of the fountain as if begging me to pet them! They were the cutest things ever!

Or at least I think they liked the attention, and having their pictures taken lol.

Well I better get to bed Ill leave you with some inspiration!

Night! ❤


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