Rendering, Recovering, and Carrying On That Wayward Sun.

Hey Beautiful,

So I just got my wisdom teeth pulled out two days ago, but I am not letting this slow me down at all in fact I feel like I am being so productive and its awesome. I am finishing up on my rendering, finishing up some math homework that needed to be done, and working on an outfit for Kendall’s Bodies Of Art.. So I am pretty busy but I like things that way. I tend to work better when I have a million things to do. Also, I am trying to figure out who I want to paint for my next portrait… usually I paint the female figure so I feel like I should paint a man for a change… lol

How are you tho? I hope life is treating you kind, and that you are safe happy and healthy.

Well heres a look into what I have been doing lately… I just accomplished my biggest most epic project so far!! :3 My graphite drawing!

Mommy got me flowers to keep me company 🙂

Dads got me watching this show on moonshining + swamp people + sons of guns.

Well I hope you have a great day!


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