Graphite, Hair Bows, and Wisdom.

Hey Beautiful,

Thought I would let you in on what I have been up to lately. Its been fairly busy with school. How are you? I hope your doing good, don’t forget to smile, it looks great on you!

Ok so since its totally late, Ill show you what I have been up to! It will be short and sweet!! 🙂

SOOO I have been working intensely on my rendering project, and I just completed my first layer on my painting.

Also, I have been watching a lot of my favorite well at least one of my favorite t.v series Supernatural on netflix.

About a half an hour ago I figured out how to do a hair bow. lol

I am not looking forward to the upcoming ice storm, or that I have to have all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled thursday morning. But I guess the brightside would be no jaw pain, so its worth it right?

Well I hope you have an excellent today, as well as tomorrow, and I shall hope to blog again very soon.

Have a great day,

and remember choose to keep a positive attitude.


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