Rendering in a bar with candy on my face.

Hey Beautiful,

So I feel pretty awful its been a lonnnnnggg time since I have updated my blog but trust me I have been busy! Ill show you some of the things I have been working on! And take you on an adventure of the last two or three months.


First official art show I was in. 100 grand featuring

100 artists and 100 pieces. BE NICE gallery.

Oh its even better!

Hotel Time with Grandma, Mom, Tyler, Keleigh, and Me.

Bread Making.

Favorite Quote.

Conrad Roset Piece he is very awesome inspiration indeed.


Pianist Pancakes.

Outings with Friendsies.

Special Days.

RENDERING. ( Jon Mcdonald owns my soul right now.. lol)


TANK TOP TIME, been really digging Native American Culture.

I love my Family. Especially my mother when she comes to see me!


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