What to do when the end has come to an end.

Hey beautiful!

O-M-G its been forever since I have checked in with you guys! These past two or three weeks have been NUTS-o. I feel like I have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off :/ sorry animal activist friends for the bad visual.

ANYWHO… I hope you are doing well, and that your taking care of yourself. When the road seems to bumpy and that you cannot simply take another step, I dare you to do it. You are so much stronger than you think. Its when we are at our lows that we find our true strength.

How are your holidays going? Can you believe how fast Christmas is approaching?!? I have no clue what I am getting everybody which is nuts because usually I am more on top of things!!!

What have I been up to besides stressing out about finals and getting prints made, and ruining mat boards with crappy mat board cutters? WEEELLLLLL— I am going to be starting a couple new paintings.. thank the lord above I am so happy to be doing something new!

heres a look at one painting I will be starting tommorow!

This is a reference I used for the drawing haha 🙂

Heres a lil of the progress I have made so far! 🙂

I was also in a show last friday night 🙂 It was really sweet!  Bill Kirt shared his studio apartment so it could be used as a gallery/music space. Heres a few photos from that! Also, Friend of Faux played they were amazing! 🙂

I almost forgot to share with you that I have my first big show on Friday! check this bad boy out!


I am so excited for this opportunity! I mean its so exciting! I want to say a big thank you to the guys who are running the show! Adam and Dylan are two of the nicest, chill guys I have met! You should deff hit this event up its going to be sweet!!

This is the piece I entered!

Well anyways I might pass out from exhaustion…. lol I will chat at you guys later!

Heres a bit of inspiration!

” Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more. ” –  Tony Robbins

Have  a great week



3 thoughts on “What to do when the end has come to an end.

  1. Hey Alexandra,
    It was a pleasure to meet you at the show. Would like to talk with you more about your work. I did not realize until too late that seeing a flag in your piece might not be the point of the work. I hope you take no offense to this as there are other parts of the piece I find facinating. Hope you get to make a snowthing soon.

    • Hey todd!

      No actually that was awesome! I thought it was really cool that you saw that.. I think its interesting that art has way of having many different meaning and hidden contexts and those little things that people find… I thought it was really nice of you to come and talk to me! lol Thanks again for the chat! Have a great day!

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